Active developers

In the Active developers section, you can see the information on your developer and non-developer team members.


The widget shows the following details:

  • total number of active developers (working in the instance in the last 3 months) 
  • the percentage variation which is the main metric difference in percentage between the current and the previous scan
  • the total number of developers on the team
  • the number of developers working on the instance in the last 3 months (active)

In this section you can filter the information displayed in the graphs, trend and on the grid by the following elements:

  • Severity
  • Impact Area
  • Issue Type
  • Application
  • Developer

Note, once you have applied your filter, it stays applied when you change to another view.

Trend - Issues and number of developers over time

The graphs show you the relation between the number of developers and the number of issues detected in the platform.


See the list of all the team members and their contribution to the platform.

Open each developer to see the details by application and by CE.

Last modified on Dec 7, 2020