Live Check for ServiceNow

What is the Live Check for ServiceNow?

Quality Clouds provides a live check feature which allows developers to validate their code as they are writing it. The live check runs all the ServiceNow, Javascript, and custom rules against the definition of a single Configuration Element. This enables developers to receive immediate feedback to guarantee that best practices are being followed, without having to wait for the scheduled full scans to complete.

The live check is implemented as an additional Update Set which must be installed on an instance where the Quality Clouds ServiceNow Store application is already installed and configured. After the Update Set has been added, the "Quality Clouds Live Check" button will automatically appear on all of the Configuration Element definition forms. When the button is clicked, the definition of the Configuration Element is sent to the Quality Clouds API server, which executes the rules and returns a list of issues that have been detected. These issues are displayed in a Related List associated with the latest version of the Configuration Element.

Running the Live Checks

In order to run a live check, a developer needs to access the Configuration Element definition form, wether in Studio, or in the main ServiceNow interface. In the screenshot below the Business Rule definition form is shown, with the "Quality Clouds Live Check" button highlighted in red. Once the button is clicked, a message appears confirming that the definition of the Configuration Element has been sent to the Quality Clouds API. The form can be reloaded within a matter of seconds, and any detected issues will be displayed in the related list "Quality Clouds Live Checks issues".

If no rows appears on the related list, this means that the scan is still running. In this case, it is necessary to wait a few more seconds and reload the form again. In the event that a scan returns without any detected issues, one row will display in the related list with Severity INFO, and the text "Quality Clouds online checks completed. No issues found". If this is the case then the code complies with all of the best practices.

Issues detected with the Live Check functionality do not impact the results of the regular scans and do not appear on the dashboards.