The term API is an acronym that stands for 'Application Programming Interface'. An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.

Quality Clouds (QC) can engage a software and arbitrate it with SaaS platforms (ServiceNow, Salesforce etc.) permitting scans and results of the instances. In order to allow your integration with QC Scan solution, an API REST is built around consumable QC services. An API REST is a standard API which allows you to construct easy-to-use and scalable interfaces around potentially consumable QC Services by any external module: QC Backend, partners, customers or any other QC modules.

QC API Main Functionality

Quality Clouds API provides a functionality layer available for registered third party applications. The most important services used by these applications include:

  • Creating and editing instances (ServiceNow and Salesforce URLS, stored in the QC environment)
  • Listing all available instances
  • Launch a Real time Code Check (ServiceNow)
  • Launch a Scan on an instance
  • List all available scans performed on an instance
  • List all issues detected in a scan

The QC API is under continuous development, you can find detailed technical information in the API Docs, which are written using the Swagger OpenAPI specification. You can see the API End-Point definitions with examples of the requests body and responses in the docs.

Get the swagger JSON: https://scan.qualityclouds.com/api/v1/swagger.json

Copy and paste the swagger JSON to a Swagger UI Editor to see the docs.


QC API REST allows standard REST calls through the URL: scan.qualityclouds.com

To consume the API, there must be a valid QC API token.

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