Quality Clouds API Main Functionality

Quality Clouds API provides a functionality layer available for registered third party applications.The most important services available to  these applications include:

  • Creating and editing instances (ServiceNow and Salesforce URLS, stored in the Quality Clouds environment)
  • Listing all available instances
  • Launch a Real time Code Check (ServiceNow)
  • Launch a Scan on an instance
  • List all available scans performed on an instance
  • List all issues detected in a scan
  • Launch a scan for GIT feature branch (Salesforce)

Quality Clouds API REST 

Quality Clouds API REST allows standard REST calls through the following URL: services.qualityclouds.com

Consuming API 

If you are need to consume Quality Clouds API, contact us at help@qualityclouds.com.

Last modified on Jun 19, 2020