Applications and integrations for Salesforce

Quality Clouds comes with ready-to-install apps, integrations and solutions for your Salesforce orgs. Here are our current options:


Quality Clouds for Salesforce AppExchange

The Quality Clouds for Salesforce application allows direct integration between your Salesforce Orgs and the Quality Clouds API server. This allows you to retrieve the Org configurations you have defined in Quality Clouds, and to launch scans against them.


 Copado integration

Build in quality in your continues integration and development by integrating Quality Clouds features with Copado. All the commits for all your user stories can then be checked for adherence to coding standards and best practices.

DevOps Center Integration

Build in quality in your continuous integration by integrating Quality Clouds features with DevOps.

 Live Check Quality for Salesforce - Visual Studio Code extension 

Code with quality by adding Live Check functionality to your Visual Studio Code. For every file you work on, you can check for and apply coding best practices. 

Live Check Quality for Salesforce - Code Builder extension 

Enhance your coding quality by incorporating Live Check functionality into your Code Builder extension. This feature allows you to assess and implement coding best practices for each file you are working on.

Last modified on Mar 4, 2024