Applications and integrations for ServiceNow

Quality Clouds comes with ready-to-install apps, integrations and solutions for your ServiceNow instances. Here are our current options:


Quality Clouds ServiceNow Store application

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow allows you to govern and monitor quality of your ServiceNow instances with the data generated by Quality Clouds' analysis engine. 

Field Analysis for ServiceNow

Analyze the custom database table fields and get visibility as to which fields are populated and which are not. This analysis helps identify custom fields which are underused, and custom fields which have not been updated in a long time based on configurable thresholds. 


Quality Clouds Jenkins Plugin

Allows you to integrate your Quality Clouds scans into your DevOps / Continuous Integration pipelines.

ServiceNow Agile Development integration 

Reviewing the issues from a scan, decide which are the ones you want to fix by logging them as defects or stories in your agile development. See more in Opening defects from issues and Creating stories from issues.

This is only available for environments that have Agile Development plugin activated. Read more about the ServiceNow® Agile Development application

Live Check Quality for ServiceNow - Visual Studio Code extension 

Code with quality by adding Live Check functionality to your Visual Studio Code. For every file you work on, you can check for and apply coding best practices. 

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ServiceNow Store Quality Clouds app

Last modified on Dec 4, 2020