Checking your code with Visual Studio Code

Once installed and configured, your Live Check Quality extension lets you check and improve your code with best practices from our rulesets. 

You can check the following types of CEs: Classes, Triggers, Pages, Components, Objects, Reports.

Checking on Save

Every time you edit and save a file, the Live Check Quality runs a check of the code and includes any resulting issues in the Problems section of the editor. Next time you review the file, you can find all Quality Clouds issues in there.

Checking on demand

Every time you wish, you can run a check on the file you are working on.

→ To check your code

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + P. This opens up a command prompt. 
  2. Type in Salesforce Quality Live Check, and click on it. This runs a check against all our rules. 
  3. Check the issues detected in the Problems section in the editor. 

    For easy access to the Problems section, always show it in the editor. Go to View >  Appearance, and select the Show Panel.

Working on issues

For all the issues found in the check you can consult the following:

  • Issue type
  • Issue severity
  • Line and character number 
  • Link to best practice

→ To work on issues

  1. For each of the issue, you can highlight it in the code by clicking on it from the Problems section.
  2. Check issue severity and open up the best practice link included in the description.
  3. Once you have finished fixing the issue, you can save the file or check again that it does not come up by running the check. 

Last modified on Nov 19, 2020