Connecting ServiceNow

Depending on your needs, you may want to connect one or more instances, which can cover development, integration and production environments. 

→ To connect ServiceNow

  1. Configure ServiceNow instances - configure the instance to control which data can be scanned by Quality Clouds.
  2. Define ServiceNow instances in Quality Clouds - define which instance to scan.
  3. Test connectivity.

ServiceNow apps

Optionally, you can also install and configure the following Quality Clouds apps: 

  • ServiceNow Store Application

Automated code reviews and development governance for SaaS, including Live Check. Find out more Quality Clouds ServiceNow Store application.

  • Quality Clouds Field Analysis app

It helps you optimize the usage of custom tables and fields in ServiceNow. Read more at Field Analysis for ServiceNow.


Quality Clouds is compatible with ServiceNow versions starting from Fuji onwards.

The Quality Clouds apps are now certified adds in the ServiceNow Store. 

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Last modified on Sep 21, 2020