Consulting scan history

Reviewing your scan history to check all the scans triggered and run to date. This includes all different types of scans you have available. From the history you can also consult all the past issues created and download the issue file.

This is a Quality Clouds admin action, available for admin users in the admin portal.

Checking scan history

→ To check scan history

  1. Login to the Quality Clouds Admin portal.
  2. Go to History section, and choose the type of scan you want to see history for. The following are available types of scans per SaaS platform: 
    • For ServiceNow: Instance scans, Operational scans, Update Set scans
    • For Salesforce: Instance scans, Operational scans, Feature Branch scans
    • For O365: Instance scans, Operational scans
  3. You can now review the following information for the instance scans:
    • Scan date
    • Time
    • Target
    • Processing time
    • Scan result
    • Quality Gates (optionally set up)
    • Number of issues
    • Technical debt

For each successful scan you can consult further information:

  • Check scan details (including information such as scan ID and Log messages)
  • Show the issues and warnings table with filters

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Last modified on Dec 19, 2022