Creating stories from issues (working with Agile Development plugin) 

Reviewing the issues from a scan, decide which are the ones you want to create a story for your agile development. 

This functionality is only available for environments that have Agile Development plugin activated. Read more about the ServiceNow® Agile Development application

Make sure you have imported your instances, scans and issues

→ To create a story from an issue

  1. Go to the instance, and the scan you want to review. 
  2. Identify the issue you want to have fixed, and open it by clicking on it. 

    For example, you may want to look for all HIGH severity issues that affect Performance impact area

  3. Review the issue details, and click Create Story

A story is now created with all the issue information (name, application, CE, issue type, line number, created by-, created on-, updated by- and updated on dates), and you receive a confirmation message with its number. 

By default, it is in a Draft  state. 

You can now use the Stories section of your Agile Development to view the stories created by the Quality Clouds application, and assign them to yourself or colleagues for implementing.

Make sure the stories are implemented by checking for the issues in the next scans. 

Last modified on Jun 18, 2020