Duplicated code for Salesforce

See how much duplicated code is there in your org and where. 

Ways to use this view

If you're an administrator or a release manager, here you can do the following:

  • If you're an developer or an architect, you can quickly review the code blocks which have duplicated code, and plan for its refactoring

What data is shown

In the Duplicated code section, you can see how many lines of duplicated code there are in your org and how many code blocks do they span. 


The widget shows you the following information:

  • Duplicated code shows the total number of lines of code duplicated in your org.
  • Number of blocks shows the total number of blocks in which the duplicated code has been detected. 

Graph - Duplicated code evolution

The graph show you the evolution of the number of the duplicated code lines. 

Hover over each scan date to see the exact number of duplicated lines of code for that scan.


See the list of all the blocks and their corresponding number of duplicated lines of code.

You can click on each configuration element (CE), such as a class to go directly to it in your Salesforce org.

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Last modified on Feb 26, 2021