First steps with Quality Clouds

Welcome to Quality Clouds!

As a user with administrative rights, you're about to help your company get started in setting up and using Quality Clouds.

Here is a quick checklist to make your task easier.

Some of these are tasks that the Quality Clouds is performing - these are included (grayed out) so that you have the full visibility of the process. 

Step 1: Agree on license terms

The Quality Clouds sales team agrees on the license terms with you, and the support team provisions the license. 

This includes the details on the duration of the license, the number of users, the number of scans available.

For partners, this includes also the number of credits available. 

Step 2: Assign admin and portal users

Depending on your needs, you can define one or more admin users - who will have administrator rights (see more on the admin portal), as well as portal users - the ones that will be consuming the data and using the portal, as well as the notifications they will receive. 

You can assign the users in your Account, check how to do that in Managing users.

Step 3: Connect your instances and orgs

Here you define which instances and orgs you want to connect to Quality Cloud.

Follow these instructions to set up your:

Confirm that the setup is done correctly by reviewing the connectivity check after setting up your instances and orgs. 

Step 4: Set up integrations

Depending on your need and your license, you can set up the following apps and integrations:

For operational scans

This is an add-on to Quality Clouds. See our solutions and pricing for more information:

  1. Make sure your license to includes the add-on
  2. Set up schedules for your operational scans by following the instructions in Scheduling scans
  3. Set up your operational alerts - follow the instructions at Operational scans

Make sure your operational scans are set up properly by reviewing the scan results on one of the following views: 

For Jenkins

Follow our doc instructions at Quality Clouds Jenkins Plugin.

For ServiceNow

You also need to perform the following steps:

      1. Request support to assign Live Check for your instance. The Quality Clouds support team enables the Live Check on your instance. 
      2. (optionally) Assign API keys to your developers (see Administering API keys).

For Salesforce

Make sure you confirm that the integrations are functioning properly by testing their basic functionality before handing over to your end users. 

Step 5: Review the baseline ruleset

If you've just set up your Quality Clouds environment, we recommend that you review the baseline ruleset which will be applied to your first scan. You can quickly review all the rules used by Quality Clouds, or check out the rules by specific SaaS configuration element of by impact area. 

Follow our doc instructions: Reviewing rulesets.

Step 6: Run first scan and review results

You can now launch your first scans. Follow the instructions at Launching scans.

And once done, review your results in the following views:

Our support also monitors the first scan you run, which specifically for big instances may require more memory.

Step 7: Refine ruleset

You can customize your ruleset based on the actual scan results.

See more at Customizing rulesets.

Step 8: (optionally) Set up Quality Gates

This is an add-on to Quality Clouds. See our solutions and pricing for more information:

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Learn how to set it up in OLD Quality Gates.

Step 9: Schedule regular scans

Once your first scan is done, you can set up your recurring scans. 

See the instructions at Scheduling scans.

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Last modified on Nov 30, 2022