Highlights of 2019

lot of cool new features rolled out in 2019. From new SaaS platform support and bunch of new practices to a fresh new portal and custom rulesets.

Here’s our favorites of 2019.

New Quality Clouds portal is here

New look and feel for Quality Clouds portal is now available at https://portal.qualityclouds.com/. We've built it on Angular Web framework, and our portal is now faster and more user-friendly. Find out more at Introducing your new Quality Clouds experience.

Monitor your quality in use using our operational scans and alerts

Operational scans complement the Quality Clouds for ServiceNow quality and governance scans, providing insights and alerts about the run time behavior of your SaaS instances. Read more in Operational scans on how to set these up and monitor the metrics of your choice. 

Customize the rulesets that apply during your scans

You can now ignore individual rules, or change their severity and time to fix to match your specific context. Read more in Rules and rulesetsNote: This feature is currently only available for Salesforce users. We're working hard to enable it for the ServiceNow side. 

More quality to your clouds

Quality Clouds is now checking over 80 new best practices, enhancing the code reviews and making your instances more robust. We've included support for best practices on ServiceNow, Salesforce and Office 365 platforms. 

Salesforce - expanding your view on data

We're expanding our coverage of Salesforce data. We've got info on issues evolution and comparison, your Salesforce team and their duplicated code. Check out all the Salesforce dashboards to get the big picture. 

Office 365 support - growing the platforms dimension 

We've included support for the Office 365 - SharePoint framework TypeScript code used to customise your SharePoint Online sites.

That’s a wrap for 2019!

We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did. Now here's to great 2020 together!

Last modified on Jan 13, 2020