Legacy: UI11

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UI11 is deprecated in the Istanbul release. UI11 builds on the classic user interface by adding the Edge and several features including split screen, bookmarks, and flyout windows. UI11 is activated but disabled by default. 

UI11 user interface

UI11 components



Banner frame

Runs across the top of every page and contains a logo, global navigation controls, and tools. See Legacy: UI11 banner frame.

Application navigator

Also called the left-navigation bar. Provides links to all applications and modules. See Application navigator.

Content frame

Displays information such as lists, forms, homepages, and wizards.

The Edge

A toolbar on the left side of the interface that provides quick links to commonly used features. See The Edge.

Legacy: UI11 application navigator

The application navigator appears at the left of the interface and provides access to all available applications and modules.

Legacy: UI11 banner frame

The banner frame runs across the top of every page. It contains a logo and the following information, controls, and tools. Administrators can customize the banner frame.

Legacy: UI11 Edge buttons

In UI11, the Edge provides the following buttons.

Legacy: Define a menu category in UI11

Menu categories allow administrators to change the appearance of application menu labels with CSS styles. Use styles to make certain application menus stand out.

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