Navigating between the portals

The Quality Clouds functionality is split between administrative functions (such as setting up instances and orgs, scheduling scans, and setting alerts on metrics) and the main data views into two user interfaces:

Use this portal for viewing your instance data coming from Quality Clouds scans.Use this portal to connect and edit your instances, set up scans, see scan history and work with alerts and rulesets. 

Main tasks: 

  • Consult data on dashboards

Main tasks: 

  • Setup instances
  • Launch or schedule scans
  • Consult scan history
  • Add operational alerts
  • View and edit your rulesets

There is no direct link from the Admin portal to the main portal. Nevertheless, after login, you will be accessing the main portal.

After you log in, you're taken directly to the new Quality Clouds portal. Here you will find all the latest data on the dashboards coming from your instance scans. 

From the portal, you can access the admin functions in the Admin portal. 

  1. In the main menu, click the Admin icon. 

A new browser now opens with the Admin portal.

In here you will be starting from the History section. 

Navigating the portal

Last modified on Mar 20, 2020