Plugins included in future upgrade analysis

The below list shows the plugins which are included in the detection of changes in future upgrades.

Plugin Name
Activity formatter
Agile Development
Angular AMB Services
API Analytics
API stats
Application Creator
Application Creator Templates
Application Design Restrictions
Application File
Application Metadata
Applications Access Control
Applications Picker
Apply Once APIs
Assessment Designer
Assessment Designer Common
Asset Management
Auto Recovery
Automated Test Framework
Automated Test Framework - REST Inbound
Automated Test Framework - Schedule
Automated Test Framework Service Catalog
Automatic Assignment
Basic Export Set Functionality
Benchmark Client
Benchmark Common
Benchmarks Spoke
Best Practice - Change Risk Calculator
Best Practice - Incident Resolution Workflow
Best Practice - ITIL KPI Reports
Business Rule V2
Cache build stats
Catalog Designer Common
Centralized Connection and Credential
Certification Core
Change Management - CAB Workbench
Change Management - Collision Detector
Change Management - Core
Change Management - Standard Change Catalog
Change Management - State Model
Change Management Overview Homepage
Change Management Workflows
Change Request
Change Request Calendar
Client Transaction Timings
CMDB Dashboard
CMDB Group
CMDB Group Dashboard
CMS User Interface - Service Management Core
Code Search
Collision APIs
Column Statistics
Common ITSM Service Portal Application Components
Company extension
Configuration Management (CMDB Enterprise Edition)
Configuration Management (CMDB)
Connect Scriptable APIs
Connect Spoke for Flow Designer
Content Management
Content Management Extended Types
Context Ranking
Context-Sensitive Help
Contextual Search
Contextual Search - Internal
Contextual Search - Service Portal
Contextual Security: Role Management
Contextual Security: Role Management V2
Contextual Security: Role Management V2 REST API
Contract Management
CORS support for REST API
Cost Management
Create knowledge from problem
Cross-scope App Privilege Enforcement
CSS Theme support - UI 14
Currency support for the service catalog
Data Archiving
Data Lookup and Record Matching Support
Data Lookup and Record Matching Support for Service Catalog
Data Policy 2
Data Structures
Database Rotation
Database Rotation with Default Tables
Database Storage for Audio Files
Database Storage for Images
Database Storage for Video Files
Database Views
Database Views for Service Management
Delegated Dev User Administration
Delegated Development
Demand Management
Designer Common
Desired State Certification
DHTMLX Gantt Library
DHTMLX Scheduler Library
Diagnostic Monitoring
Dictionary overrides
E164 Compliant Phone Number
Email Accounts
Email Automatic User Creation
Email Client Template
Email Digest
Email Filters
Email Notification Preview Plugin
Email Retention
Email Service
Email Unsubscribe
Email/SMS Separation
Embedded Help
Encryption Core
Encryption Support
Engine Based Notifications 
Enhanced Web Service Provider - Common
ESS Portal (implemented within Content Management)
Event stats
Execution Plan support for the service catalog
Expense Line
Facilities Service Management
Facilities Service Management CMS Portal
Facilities Service Management Mobile
Fiscal Calendar
Fixed Asset
Flow Designer - Designer
Flow Designer - Engine Reporting Dashboard
Flow Designer - Flow Engine
Flow Designer - Flow Engine Reporting
Flow Designer - Installer
Flow Designer Action Step - CORE
Flow Designer Action Step - CRUD
Flow Designer Action Step - Email
Flow Designer Action Step - Log
Flow Designer Action Step - Notification
Flow Designer Action Step - Script
Flow Designer Action Step Template
Flow Designer Action Trigger
Flow Designer Designer Backend
Flow Designer Designer Model
Flow Designer System Level Actions
Form Designer
Form Personalization
Glide Metadata
Glide Metadata Delete
Google Maps Plugin
Guided Setup for CMDB
Guided Setup for Performance Analytics
Guided Setup Framework
Guided Tour Designer
Guided Tours
High Security Settings
History Sets
History Walker
Homepage Splash Page
HTML Sanitizer
Incident Alert Management
Incident Management Notification
Incident Overview Homepage
Incident Resolution Fields
Incident Updates
Index Suggestion
Integration - Multifactor Authentication
Interactive Analysis
IP Range Based Authentication
Item Designer support for the service catalog
ITOM Guided Setup
ITSM Guided Setup
ITSM Spoke
JSON Service request/response model
Keylines Business Service Maps
Keylines Core
Knowledge Management V3
Knowledge Management Wiki Support
Knowledge Overview Homepage
List v2
List v3 Components
Live Feed
Live Feed
Live Feed Document - follow tasks (Incident, Change, etc)
Magellan Navigator
Maintenance Schedules
Managed documents
Merge Tool
Metadata Source Control
Metadata Tree
Metric Definition
MID Server
Mobile Device ITIL and Service Management
Mobile UI
Model Management
Mutex stats
My Assets
Name-Value Pairs field editor
Next-Gen BSM
NG shared components
Normalization Data Services Configuration
Notification Preference Service
Notification Preference User Interface
Notification System Push Addon
OAuth 2.0
OAuth 2.0 legacy (do not activate...use 'OAuth 2.0' instead)
ODBC Commons
Ordered Email Processing
Organization Extension
Organization Management
Outbound Email Notifications
Outbound HTTP Log
Outbound Tracking
Overview Pages
Password Reset
PDF Generator
Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics - Administrator Console
Performance Analytics - Diagnostics
Performance Analytics - PA Solution Library
Performance Analytics - Premium
Performance Analytics - Scores Migration
Performance Analytics – Usage Overview
Performance Analytics Premium for IT Operations Suite
Performance Dashboards
Platform as a Service
Problem Management
Problem Overview Homepage
Problem Tasks
Process Flow Formatter
Product Catalog
Project Management
Project Portfolio Suite
Project Portfolio Suite with Financials
Protocol Profile Manager
Push Notification
Push Retention
Query stats
Random Watermark Support
Read-Only User Role
Relationship Layout
Release Management
Report - PDF Page Header Footer Templates
Report Charting v2
Report Engine - use summary table for reports
Report Security - enforce access control checks
Resource Management
Responsive Canvas
Responsive Dashboards
REST API for global text search
REST API Provider
Role Delegation
Schema Map v3
Scoped Analytics Framework
Script stats
Script Templates
Script Whitelist Manager
Scripted REST APIs
Scripted REST APIs - Error types
Scripted REST APIs - Internal
SCSS Bootstrap Theme
SCSS Content Provider
Security Dashboard
Security Jump Start (ACL Rules)
Self Service Password Reset
Server-side JavaScript Debugger
Service Catalog CMS Extension
Service Catalog core applications
Service Catalog REST API
Service Catalog Scoped API
Service Creator
Service level management
Service level management guided tour
Service Management Core
Service Management Geolocation
Service Management Geolocation Mobile
Service Portal - Service Catalog v2
Service Portal - Service Status
Service Portal Announcements
Service Portal Configuration Pages
Service Portal Designer
Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management
Service Portal Social QA
Service Portal Surveys
ServiceNow Subscription Management
Signature Pad
Skills Management
SLA Timeline
SNC Code Editor
Social Q&A
Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
State Flows
Stats Tools
Subscription Administration Base
Subscription Based Notifications
Subscription Based Notifications 2.0
Subscription Management and Enforcement Framework
Survey Designer
Syntax Editor
System Applications Core
System Applications Support
System Import Sets
System Update Set Picker
System Update Sets (viewer)
System Update Sets (with remote update set support)
System Update Sets Preview
System Web Services
Task Activities
Team Development
Test Management
Text Index Attachments
Text Search
Time card management
Timeline Visualization
Tiny URL Support
TinyMCE HTML Field Editor
Transaction Design Scope
Transaction Quotas
Transaction stats
UI 15
UI Components
Update Set Batching
Upgrade Blame Tool
Upgrade Metric
User Guide
Version Management
Version Support
Visual Task Board Flow Designer Spoke
Visual Task Boards
Web Service Consumer
Web Service Import Set Tables
Web Service Import Sets
Web Service Provider - Common
Web Service Provider - Scripted
Workflow Authoring Tools
Workflow Runtime Engine

Last modified on Oct 22, 2019