Quality Clouds 18.1.3 Release Notes

Release date: February 19, 2018


User statistics 

On instances where the number of active users is over 10,000, the ServiceNow REST API was found to return only 9999 records. This manifested itself in instances being reported as having 9999 active uses, and a lower than expected user count in the main user groups reported. This has been worked around in version 18.1.3 by using a custom page size of 9,500 rows on requests to the REST API.

Auto-assessment Business Rules / New Update Set

The auto assessment functionality creates Business Rules which have hard-coded sys ids embedded in their code. These were being reported as issues up until version 18.1.2, and are suppressed as of version 18.1.3. If your instance was configured using the table-specific Update Set, you will need to apply an incremental update set, as fixing this issue requires access to an additional table. Contact us to receive the Update Set.

Issues resolved in version 18.1.3

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Last modified on Apr 4, 2018