Quality Clouds 18.1.4 Release Notes

Release date: March 2, 2018


New best practices implemented

The following three new best practices have now been implemented:

  • GlideRecord usage on Transform Scripts
  • Transform Scripts with hard-coded sys_ids
  • Transform Maps with hard-coded sys_ids

Also, the total numbers of modified transform maps and transform scripts are now displayed in the application overview dashboard. 

New ACL update set required

Since three new tables are being scanned to add the new functionality, an incremental update set is available which grants the necessary read-only permissions on these tables to the qc_access_role. This update set is available upon request. 

Catalog items in the dashboard

The Application overview dashboard is now showing the total number of catalog items for your instance. 

New configuration element types included in the free update set scan utility

The free update set scan tool has been updated to analyse a significantly larger set of configuration element types. The tool (https://scan.qualityclouds.com/freescan#) is now scanning the following configuration element types:

Configuration element type
Access Control
Business Rule
Catalog Client Script
Client Script
Notification Email Script
Portal Widget
Script Include
Transform Map
Transform Script
UI Action
UI Policy
Widget Angular Provider

Check the full list of best practices that are now being scanned.

Issues resolved in version 18.1.4

Last modified on Mar 22, 2018