Quality Clouds 18.1.5 Release Notes

Release date: March 16, 2018


New ServiceNow best practices implemented

The following four new best practices have now been implemented:

IDDescriptionSeverityArea of impactAffected elementCovered by Quality CloudsCovered by free scan utility
25Transform Maps with "Run business rules" option enabled.LowPerformanceTransform Map(tick)(tick)
34OnBefore Transform Scripts updating records on current tables.HighPerformanceTransform Script(tick)(tick)
42Server UI Actions using GlideRecord and getRowCount.MediumScalabilityUI Action(tick)(tick)
44Client UI Actions using GlideRecord.HighPerformanceUI Action(tick)(tick)

Modified user statistics 

User statistics displayed in the Instance profiling dashboard have been modified and now they only display the number of active users per instance - that is the total count. The counts based on profiles (Requester, Fullfiller, Approver) have been removed for security and performance reasons.

For the time being, the three profiles will appear without a count in the dashboard widget, and eventually these will be removed. 

Updates to the dashboards

Minor changes to the dashboards include the following:

  • The application dashboard now shows the new analyzed configuration elements
  • Performance dashboard shows issues only now (no information elements are included)

Issues resolved in version 18.1.5

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