Quality Clouds 18.2.1 Release Notes

Release date: April 19th, 2018


New best practice implemented 


The following new ServiceNow best practice have now been implemented:

IDDescriptionSeverityArea of impactAffected elementCovered by Quality CloudsCovered by free scan utility
22Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation in Client UI Actions.HighManageabilityUI Action


29UI Policy Actions without field effects.LowPerformanceUI Policy Action(tick)(tick)
46Synchronous AJAX call (getReference, getXMLWait) in UI Policies.HighPerformanceUI Policy(tick)(tick)

Synchronous AJAX call (getReference, getXMLWait) in Client UI Actions.

HighPerformanceUI Action
229Catalog UI Policy Actions without field effects.
LowPerformanceCatalog UI Policy Action(tick)(tick)

New configuration item types included in analysis 

The following configuration element types are now included in the analysis:

  • UI Policy Actions
  • Catalog UI Policy Actions

New Update Set 

New update set contains the access control lists (ACLs) needed to access the new tables scanned for the new Configuration Element types. 

Contact us to obtain the Update Set.

New Scan Tool Website features 

Pagination added to Scan History and QCLogs forms

New API REST Endpoint for Trial Licensing

Several minor issues & fixes

Issues resolved in version 18.2.0

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Last modified on Apr 22, 2018