Quality Clouds 18.2.2 Release Notes

Release date: April 19th, 2018


New best practice implemented 


The following new JavaScript best practice are included in this release:

IDDescriptionSeverityArea of impactAffected elementCovered by Quality CloudsCovered by free scan utility
200Javascript - Optimize LoopsHighPerformanceRecord Producer


201Javascript - Avoid use of eval functionHighSecurityRecord Producer(tick)(tick)
202Javascript - Use === comparisonWarningManageability
Record Producer(tick)(tick)

JavaScript - Avoid unrestricted targetOrigin on cross-domain messaging

Record Producer(tick)(tick)
206Javascript - Avoid use of Function Constructors
Record Producer
207Javascript - Avoid use of WebDBHighSecurityRecord Producer(tick)(tick)
208Javascript - Avoid use of debugger statementsHighSecurityRecord Producer(tick)(tick)
209JavaScript -  Avoid making connections on unsafe protocolsHighSecurity

Record Producer

Business Rule

Script Include

Client Script

Catalog Client Script

Portal Widget

Widget Angular Provider

Notification Email Script

UI Policy

UI Action

Catalog UI Policy

Transform Map

Transform Script


Catalog Dashboards avilable 

The Catalog Overview and Catalog Details dashboards are available with this release.

These dashboards allow for Governance and Quality Monitoring of Service and Product Catalogs on ServiceNow.

New Scan Tool Website features 

Integration with Mandrill Transactional platform

New Mail templates for Scan Results: Success / Fail

Integration with corporate Website: Licensing fulfillment

Issues resolved in version 18.2.2

Last modified on May 4, 2018