Quality Clouds 18.2.5 Release Notes

Release date: June 14th, 2018


New bests practice implemented 


The following new ServiceNow best practice are included in this release:

IDDescriptionSeverityArea of impactAffected elementCovered by Quality CloudsCovered by Update Set scan utility
76UI Actions with debugging statements.LowScalabilityUI Action(tick)(error)
106Synchronous AJAX call (getReference, getXMLWait) in UI Scripts.HighPerformance
UI Script

107GlideRecord usage on UI Scripts.HighPerformanceUI Script

117UI Scripts with the console.log debugging method.MediumPerformance
UI Script


118UI Scripts without function.MediumScalabilityUI Script


119Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation in UI Scripts.HighManageabilityUI Script


140UI Scripts with empty script field.LowPerformanceUI Script




There are no new Javascript best practice  included in this release.

New configuration item types included in analysis 

This release does not contain any additional Configuration Element Types

New Update Set 

This release does not require any incremental Update Set.

The full UpdateSet to configure a brand-new instance for Quality Clouds version is available on Set up your ServiceNow instance.

Scan Website new features 

Scan notification mail enriched with dynamic info

API REST new endpoints

Restyled Maintenance Mode landing page

Several Bugs & Fixes

Changes in dashboards

New information added to the multiple instances comparison dashboard for ServiceNow: This dashboard is the perfect command and control dashboard to ensure that your instances are aligned. It is the perfect tool for a release manager who manages multiple instances. It contains also information about the configuration elements added into each instance and as of this new release, we haveadded the number of integrations for each of them. Available in the Enterprise edition only.


New Application Governance Dashboard for ServiceNow: The application governance dashboard provides you with information about the number of configuration elements for each ServiceNow application together with the lines of code (LoC). It contains also the comparison from the last time the instance was scanned, so it is ideal to understand the development activity in your instance broken down by application. Available in the Enterprise edition only.

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Last modified on Jun 15, 2018