Quality Clouds 18.3.1 Release Notes

Release date: July 5th, 2018


What changes can I expect to see on my scan results as a result of this release?

This release does not include any additional Best Practices, so you will not see issues raised of any type which was not included in a previous release. 

You may see changes in your scan results if you were affected by any of the below bug fixes and corrections:

QPD- 1470. You may see additional Platform applications appearing on the Application Overview dashboard, on the "Custom Applications" drop down. There were two issues which were preventing this list from being fully populated. One was caused by row-level ACLs, which prevented scanning of certain plugins. Another was caused by an inconsistency in the use of table columns, and this would have prevented ANY plugin from being scanned.

QPD - 1490. You may see a new application appear on the Application Overview dashboard, on the "Custom Applications" drop down. The application name will be "General Configuration", and it will group all issues detected of the following types. Issues of the below types were not being included in the issues grid in the Application Overview dashboard, and so would not be included in the export from the issues grid:

  • 2.- Unused Inactivity Monitors.
  • 16.- High Security Settings plugin disabled
  • 35.-Contextual Security Plugin disabled
  • 21.- Modules Pointing to Big Tables without Filter
  • 23.- The default system User Preference "Rows per Page" set above 100
  • 24. JDBC Data Sources with "Use last run datetime" option 
  • 28.- The "Log/trace level of TaskSLAController" System Property not set to "notice"
  • 36.- The System  Property "Update on Iterate" is enabled
  • 37.- The System  Property "Go To Search" is set to "Contains"
  • 38.- Debug System  Properties Enabled.
  • 39.- The "Security Manager" System  Property  is set to "Allow Access"
  • 57.- The System  Property "Items per page" includes options over 100
  • 58.- The Database Rotation Plugin is disabled.
  • 60.- The Database Rotation Default Tables Plugin is disabled.
  • 61.- The SOAP Timeout value is over 5 minutes.
  • 62.- The System  Property "Auto Complete Wait Time" exceeds 750 ms.
  • 70.- The System  Property "Auto Complete Search" is set to "Contains"

QPD - 1562. You may see the number of issues decrease, and the number of warnings increase by the same number, for the below best practice checks. This is due to the active / inactive flag not being checked on the Configuration Element when these issues were detected. After this release, all of the below issue types should be reported as Warnings, not issues, if the Configuration Element on which they are detected is inactive:

  • 1.- Business Rules defined on the Global table
  • 15.- Business Rules using GlideRecord and getRowCount
  • 24. JDBC Data Sources with "Use last run datetime" option 
  • 40.- Client Scripts with empty script field.
  • 81.- Business Rules without function.
  • 91.- Catalog Client Scripts with empty script field.

QPD - 1563. Inactive Catalog items and Catalog Client Scripts have been removed from the Upgradeability Dashboard.

QPD - 1577. Any Configuration Element whose last version has been updated by the user "system" is considered an OOTB element. This means that both the number issues, and of modified OOTB elements in the Upgradeability dashboard may be reduced. 

New bests practice implemented 


There are no new ServiceNow best practices included in this release


There are no new Javascript best practice  included in this release.

New configuration item types included in analysis 

This release does not contain any additional Configuration Element Types

New Update Set 

This release does not require any incremental Update Set.

The full UpdateSet to configure a brand-new instance for Quality Clouds version is available on Set up your ServiceNow instance.

Scan Website new features 

Quality Clouds online help available from the website

Access to Quality Clouds documentation site from the website

Display enhancements to the successful scan Email

New Update Set Scan option for registered users.

Minor bugs & fixes

Changes in dashboards

Executive Dashboard

  • The Executive Dashboard has been enhanced to show the average, calculated over the previous quarter, of the main Quality Clouds indicators across all instances scanned. This should give a useful frame of reference to put the results of your scans in context. The indicators which have been enhanced are:
    • Total Issues
    • Total Technical Debt
    • Quality of Cloud
    • Configuration Elements
    • Lines of Code Scanned
    • Ratio of CEs with issues

Instance profiling

  • The Information Items box now includes the number of users with row count preference over 100 in the category breakdown.
  • The Number of Issues and Number of Warnings boxes now show a more detailed breakdown:
    • ServiceNow BP
    • Javascript BP
    • Bespoke Rules
    • Data Privacy BP
  • New label showing if the scan is a Full or Profiling scan

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Last modified on Jul 11, 2018