Quality Clouds 18.3.2 Release Notes

Release date: July 26, 2018


What changes can I expect to see on my scan results after the Quality Clouds 18.3.2 release?

  1. A new ServiceNow best practice has been included in the default ServiceNow ruleset: Workflows with Notification Activities. See Workflow Best Practices for the rationalization behind this new rule. You may see the number of issues increase if issues of this type are reported.
  2. As a result of a bug fix, you may see a reduction in the number of issues of type "200.- Javascript: Optimize Loops".
  3. The Best Practice "64.- GlideRecord usage in Transform Scripts" has been removed from the ServiceNow rule set.
  4. The Evolution of Issues dashboard contains a new chart - "Issues over Time". 

New best practice implemented 


The following new best practice for ServiceNow are included in this release:

IDDescriptionSeverityArea of impactAffected elementCovered by Quality CloudsCovered by Update Set scan utility
108Workflows with Notification ActivitiesMediumManageabilityWorkflow(tick)(error)


There are not any new Javascript best practices included in this release.

New configuration item types included in an analysis 

This release does not contain any additional Configuration Element Types.

New Update Set 

This release does not require any incremental Update Set.

The full Update Set to configure a brand-new instance for Quality Clouds version is available on Set up your ServiceNow instance.

Scan Website new features 

There is a new 'Do not persist credentials' option in the Instance settings. This flag prevents platform credentials from being persisted in the QC Scan Tool. If this option is enabled, a credentials form (user and password) will be displayed when launching a scan on the instance, so that the user can sign in for the scan. The drawback is that only manual scans will be available on the instance (no scan scheduling).

Instance credentials are stored using strong 256-bit encryption

New schedule retrial option allowing up to 3 retrials per schedule. In case a scheduled scan fails, it will be relaunched every hour until the maximum number of retrials are reached. This allows the user to fix the instance settings once received a 'failed scan' notification without losing the fixed scheduled date slot.

Minor changes in the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) displayed in the successful scan mail notification. The KPIs had been reenacted to have the same values in the mail and dashboard versions. 

Written-off issues are filtered out in dashboards that display the full details of the issues tables. The write-off option is now applied to the dashboards so that issues that are written off are undisclosed by default. A drop-down widget allows to select among:

  • all issues
  • only visible issues (written-off = false)
  • only written-off issues (written-off = true)

Several minor bugs & fixes have been applied.

New Additions

Evolution of Issues Dashboard

The dashboard 'Issues over time' gives the history of the issues based on past scans.

The dashboard 'Issues by introduction date' exhibits when the issues were introduced in the instance for each individual scan.

Changes in dashboards

The following dashboards implement the written-off issue filtering: 

  • Application overview
  • Team
  • Performance
  • Compare issues between scans
  • Data privacy

Example of write-off filtered table and selector:

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Last modified on Sep 14, 2018