Quality Clouds 18.3.4 Release Notes (Sept. 2018)

Release date: September 28th 2018


What changes can I expect to see on my scan results after the Quality Clouds 18.3.4 release?


  • New email account management. Customer different email accounts can be attached individually to any notification event, using a grid-style control. This allows maximum flexibility for configuring your email notifications.
  • Enhanced filtering in history window which searches across all pages. New date From-To filter. Find any of your performed scans more easily.
  • New Retry-Until-Success mode in Scheduled scans.
  • New KPIs in mail scan notifications for Salesforce instances.
  • Available drill down Salesforce dashboards for all element types. They include at least: version control, inventory and issues detail of the element.
  • Several Bugs & Fixes.
    • Refreshing home page may break dashboard selector and display correspondence
    • Internal race condition could prevent Salesforce email notification
    • Update Set scan button now available from home page

QC for ServiceNow

  • New Kingston to London upgrade features in the Upgradeability Dashboard. Configuration Elements which will be affected in the Kingston to London upgrade are identified and highlighted in the dashboard.  The full description of the enhanced Upgradeability dashboard can be found here. Check also our latest blog post on this.

  • The Quality of Cloud indicator will increase, even if no changes have been made in the instance. This is due to the severity downgrade of the Issue type 200.- Javascript - Optimize Loops (see below)

  • Changes in default ruleset. Issue type 200.- Javascript - Optimize Loops has been downgraded from Severity High to Low. Even though this is a common violation of a Javascript Best Practice, all modern browsers detect and optimize this coding pattern. This means that its impact is likely to not be significant.

QC for Salesforce

  • Cyclomatic Complexity is now being detected in Appex Triggers, as well as in Apex Classes
  • Asynchronous classes (Batcheable, Queueable, Schedulable) are being detected and displayed in the dashboards
  • Improved performance in analysis of Lighting components
  • Fixed bug in detection of issue "Avoid using if..else statements without using curly braces" in APEX classes

Last modified on Oct 2, 2018