Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 24 October 2019


New look and feel for Quality Clouds portal is now available at https://portal.qualityclouds.com/We've built it on Angular Web framework, and our portal is now faster and more user-friendly. You can navigate using the right-hand side panel, where you  find all your functionality for setting up instances, scheduling scans and viewing the findings on the dashboards. For more details, see Introducing your new Quality Clouds experience.

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

Check how widespread are the issues in your instance by looking at Ratio of CEs with issues over time on the Application overview dashboard. This ratio shows how many of the added or modified Configuration Elements have at least one issue. It can be used to track wether the distribution of issues across the different areas of the platform is being increased or reduced. 

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

You can now optimise the code in your instances by monitoring the Duplicated code dashboard. See more at Dashboards for Salesforce.

Curious to see which department uses the most data storage? We now check for data storage used by department, and show it on the Licensing dashboard. 

The Licensing dashboard is only available if you have the Operational scans add-on. See our solutions and pricing section

Quality Clouds for O365

New Team dashboard is now available, and allows you to view data about your development team. See more at Dashboards for O365

Bug fixes

  • A bug in the detection of modified tables associated with ServiceNow plugins has been identified and fixed. As a result, the number of items assigned to the Global scope may decrease, and the number of applications on which changes are detected may increase. 
  • Under some circumstances, false positive issues could be raised when checking System properties in ServiceNow. These have now been eliminated.

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Last modified on Oct 25, 2019