Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 20 December 2019


We're improving the performance of the tables across the portal, and making them all coherent. The table items now load faster, appear immediately after updating and filtering.

The table is now paginated, and you can easily change the number of items displayed. The filters are now applied immediately, and can be reset all at once. 

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

We've released a new version of our ServiceNow Store Application. As of version 4.0.1 we're ServiceNow certified, and, therefore, a paid app. 

If you're an existing customer, and need to re-install the app, make sure to select a previous version.

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

Our scans now detect the source of the issues. The issues table in the Executive dashboard now shows which application ("namespace") the issue comes from. 

We're also calculating the code line number for any issues detected on Apex pages and Apex components.

We're making our filters more intelligent, now the first filtering selection in severity and impact area narrows down the values of the best practices filters. 

We're also improving the display of impact and remediation of issues. See the new looks: 

We're implementing changes to issue severity of the following Apex Class and Apex Triggers issues, so your calculations may vary slightly:

Best practiceOld severityNew severity
Apex unit tests should include at least one assertionHIGHMEDIUM
Apex unit tests should not use @isTest(seeAllData=true)HIGHMEDIUM
Non-constructor methods should not have the same name as the enclosing classHIGHMEDIUM
The Global modifier should be avoidedHIGHMEDIUM
Avoid declaring multiple variables in a single lineHIGHLOW


We've updated the PMD version to the latest (6.19). 

And, we're unifying our email templates. 

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Last modified on Dec 20, 2019