Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 28 January 2020


  • Make informed decisions when customizing your rulesets

When rewriting rules for your customized ruleset, you can now easily consult the original rule definition.

  • Reuse rulesets you've been working on in your other instances

You can now reuse the rule customization you've developed by copying the modified rules to other instances you are working with. 

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • Stay abreast of developments that impact your license, and easily identify clutter in your ServiceNow instances

We're now helping you identify all the applications (custom and platform apps), increase in global scope tables and custom tables, so that you can easily see the impact it may have on your license. 

  • Upgrading to Orlando? Check if you may be running into upgradeability issues

Your next upgrade will be easier if you use our Upgradeability dashboard, and take advantage of our analysis of the ServiceNow Orlando version.

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

  • See all your issues detected by Feature Branch with the version of Salesforce app

With the new version of the Salesforce app, you can now access the issue details and act on them directly from the application. See more in Working with scans

  • See customized vs baseline ruleset KPIs

We are now calculating the KPI values against the baseline (Quality Clouds default) ruleset and against the customized (defined by you) ruleset. You will now see both values in your high level KPIs, the customized one being the main one. Additionally, you can see the values of the KPIs based on the default namespace of Salesforce - that is the code with no customization or extensions. 

  • Optimize your code by avoiding duplication

You can now optimize the code in your instances by monitoring the Duplicated code dashboard.

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Last modified on Feb 4, 2020