Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 1st April 2020


  • A new portal for Quality Clouds

With the aim of improving your Quality Clouds experience, we're splitting out administrative functions from the main data views into two user interfaces. 

From now on, you have access to two portals:

Quality Clouds portal (main)

Admin portal

Use this portal for viewing your instance data coming from Quality Clouds scans.Use this portal to connect and edit your instances, set up scans, see scan history and work with alerts and rulesets. 

Main tasks: 

  • Consult data on dashboards

Main tasks: 

  • Setup instances
  • Launch or schedule scans
  • Consult scan history
  • Add operational alerts
  • View and edit your rulesets

For more details, see A new portal for Quality Clouds.

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • Are you customizing too much?

Identify the extent to which your instance is customized versus configured using our Customization vs configuration dashboard. The more customized an instance is, the more difficult is its maintenance. 

Learn more in Dashboards for ServiceNow.

  • New User Experience (UX) rules in Service Catalog

We're adding support for the UX best practices for your Service Catalog. 



Area of impact

Included in Instance Scan

Included in Live Check Scan

Included in Update Set Scan

Catalog items without short description



Catalog items with short description equal to name



Catalog items without descriptionWarningManageability

Multiple choice catalog variables with too many optionsWarningManageability

All these rules are by default set to Warning, and will not impact your overall number of issues or the Quality of Cloud. If you want to see them mentioned in your issues, you can customize the rules by increasing their severity to Low, Medium or High.  See Customizing rules.

Bug fixes

  • We've also fixed a bug where the application attribute in some Configuration Elements was being left blank. 

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Last modified on Apr 1, 2020