Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 22nd April 2020

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • We're re-classifying the scoped applications as Platform applications

As of this release, all the scoped applications which are installed when a ServiceNow plugin is activated will be shown in the list of "Platform Applications" on the Application Overview dashboard.

Previously they were listed on the Custom Applications drop-down list. Because these are applications which deliver standard ServiceNow functionality, it is more accurate to consider them as Platform Applications. 

The Custom Applications drop down will now only contain the following categories:

  • Any scoped application which has been developed in the instance
  • The application Custom Applications in Global Scope, which groups all changes detected in the Global Scope (i.e. outside of a Scoped Application)
  • The application "General Configuration", which groups all changes to the configuration of the instance (system properties, user preferences, data source configurations, etc.). This has also been moved to the Platform Apps drop-down, as changes on this application affect the instance as a whole.

In addition, after this release, scans which are run with a non-admin user will be able to assign changes to the correct ServiceNow scoped applications. Previously they were assigned to the "Custom Applications in Global Scope" application.

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Last modified on Apr 27, 2020