Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 12th May 2020

  • LiveCheck for ServiceNow, Update Sets and general scans trigger out of the box modification warning.

  • New configuration element for ServiceNow: Scripted REST API Resource.

  • New rules:

ServiceNow:  19

18 new rules for Scripted REST API Resources, 3 of which are specific to this CE Type.

1 new rule, which applies to all CEs, to report warnings on out of the box modifications.

Salesforce: 1

  • Configuration vs Customisation dashboard now includes breakdown of Lines of Code in the categories:

Customisation - Out of the Box modifications

Customisation - Others


  • Performance improvements on Salesforce Engine.

  • Bulk modification of Ruleset through Admin portal: severity, time to fix and enable/disable properties.

  • Relevant bug fixes and adjustments:

De-activated rule which generates Warnings for Catalog Items without short description

Distribution of items in configuration / customisation categories

Possible double counting of some CE Types in Global Scope and ServiceNow applications

Last modified on May 12, 2020