Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 28th July 2020


  • Is my team checking their code quality by using Live Check?

The (Beta) Live Check Activity view, available from All Clouds lets you check if all on your team are proactively checking their code quality. It lets you check if issues are being fixed from one scan to another, and compare individual developer activity. 

The view pulls information from all your Live Check channels, both ServiceNow (app, Visual Studio Code extension) and Salesforce (Visual Studio Code extension).

You can see more in Live Check Activity view.

  • We're letting you create your own API keys

Connect Quality Cloud with the tools and apps used by you and your developer teams by using the API keys. You can add, edit, delete and monitor the use of the keys. 

Add an individual key for each developer and each app and tool to be able to easily administer and monitor who and where can connect to your Quality Clouds connected platforms. 

This is a Quality Clouds admin action, available for admin users in the admin portal.

To learn more, check Administering API keys.

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • Live Check view just got more insightful - check early detection of issues 

You can now see the Issues that are being detected with Live Check

See more in our Live Check view.

And if you're new to views, see Finding your way around Views.

  • Introducing Build Check, the Continuous Quality integration for your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Build Check for ServiceNow enables you to scan your code against three levels of controls: ServiceNow best practices, industry standards, and Quality Clouds own recommendations. It helps you optimize the automation of your continuous quality and release management with centralized quality gates.

Get it on Docker Hub as a generic or Bitbucket container. See more at Build Check for ServiceNow.

  • Upgrading to ServiceNow Paris version? Check if you may be running into upgradeability issues.

Your next upgrade will be easier if you use our Upgradeability dashboard, and take advantage of our analysis of the ServiceNow Paris version.

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

  • Not sure where your Salesfoce licenses go? We have an idea..

If you own several orgs, and constantly struggle to keep up with the license info, check out used and available licenses on our Cross-org Licensing Salesforce dashboard.

To access it, go to All Clouds. In the View select Cross-Org Licensing Salesforce.

See more at Dashboards for Salesforce.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Bug creating false positives on the Business Rules without function rule
  • Bug which allowed some ACLs introduced in system upgrades to be reported as OOTB (out of the box) modifications
  • Bug which was slowing down the scans. You may see some scan durations which are higher than normal in your scan history. Note that this had no impact on the scan results themselves.

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