Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 18th August 2020


  • We're now checking for jQuery vulnerabilities in your  open-source libraries

Our analysis now includes the following known vulnerabilities for both ServiceNow and Salesforce:

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • Editing in Visual Studio Code? Now we have extensions to easily check your code!

The Quality Clouds extensions for Visual Studio Code connects to our centralized, curated set of best practices and rules and checks your code against it. Our ruleset includes best practices for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Quality Clouds’ own recommendations, and other industry standards.

Learn more at Checking your ServiceNow code with Visual Studio Code.

  • Check more about what affects your upgrades

We've improved our Upgradeability dashboard to show you more information on out of the box elements, and added more visual representation of your upgradeability timeline. We're showing you OOTB modifications over time and its breakdown.

See more in Dashboards for ServiceNow > Upgradeability

  • Learn about customization vs configuration changes by email

We're including the customization vs configuration KPI in our scan emails now, so that you stay alerted without having to log in. 

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

  • We've improved our GDPR rules for Salesforce

We're now checking the Sensitivity level and Compliance categorization. 

The following rules have been added: 

Bug fixes

The following bug has been fixed in this release:

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Last modified on Aug 19, 2020