Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 6th October 2020


  • KABOOOM! We're rolling out a big bunch of the new data views

As we're getting ready to phase out our current data view mechanism which gave us the good old dashboards, we have migrated your most important data into views...

Views are the new, optimized way to display your platform data. They are built on Angular which makes them faster to navigate, and they're more intuitive too... Check out more Finding your way around Views.

What's available for now

You can quickly find the views corresponding to your existing dashboards here: 


Old dashboards >>New views

Executive - Quality Overview

Time machine

Best practices

Data privacy

Application overview

Evolution of issues



Check out all the view tabs

Compare issuesCompare issues
Code monitorCode monitor
Instance profilingProfiling
Customization vs configurationCustomization vs configuration

Catalog overview

Catalog details

Most configured areasMost configured areas
Alerts overviewAlerts view


Old dashboards >>New views

Executive / Overview

Evolution of issues


Executive for Salesforce
Compare issuesCompare issues for Salesforce
Code monitor

Code monitor

SaaS Governance > All Clouds

Old dashboards >>New views
GovernanceGovernance view

The new views are all a trial version, run in parallel to the existing dashboards, and if you're interested in accessing them, contact your customer success representative.

  • Change of line? No problem! We're improving issue detection

We're changing the way we flag an issue as being opened and closed in a particular scan.

Issue with the issue? Previously, if an issue shifted to a different line from that on which it was originally reported, it would be reported as both closed and opened on the scan which detected the change of line.

No problem. After this release, and after your first few scans, the issue will not be closed and opened on the new line (as long as the line itself remains the same), but rather the line number will be updated on the issue.

But what does that mean to me? This means that the Compare issues view will be easier to interpret, since any issue reported as "opened" on the scan will be a net new issue. Also, we are now only storing the line number where the issue was detected on the last scan. This means that after going back to previous scans with the scan date selector, the line numbers of all issues will be those corresponding to the line where the issue is on the last scan date.

  • Circling around - we're changing our look

We're releasing our new brand identity we've been creating - it includes visual changes in our portals - in order to make the Quality Clouds brand clearer, more consistent and more flexible.

Have a look at why and what we've done by reading about it on our blog

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

  • We're now checking for picklist fields with too many values

Our analysis now the following rule for Salesforce Custom Fields:



Impact area

Avoid picklist fields with too many valuesMediumManageability

Bug fixes

The following bug has been fixed in this release:

  • A bug which could lead to reporting false positives on the Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation in Client Scripts rule, which was generating issues.
  • A bug which could lead to reporting false positives on the JavaScript - Avoid making connections on unsafe protocols rule.  

You may see the number of issues and warnings reported by these rules decrease as a result of this release.

What's here

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