Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 4th February, 2021


  • Need to set up a user for your colleague? Or update your email notifications? You can now manage your account in Quality Clouds Admin portal

In the Account section you can review your account information, your licenses, add and remove users and instances, set up email notifications for users, and check the logs and stats of usage.

Account management

Check out more in Administering your account section. 

  • Only have Profiling view on your data? We've added a detailed issue view to help you figure out how serious your issues in the platform are

See more on the Profiling view for ServiceNow and for Salesforce

Quality Clouds for Salesforce

  • Coding in Visual Studio Code? We now integrate it with Quality Gates

Prevent technical debt from creeping into your platform. Set up a Quality Gate and work against it from your editor. 

See more on working with issues from Quality Gates from the VSC.

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Last modified on Feb 4, 2021