Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 17th February, 2021

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • Did you know? We now enhance our Quebec support

Quality Clouds was already able to scan instances on the Quebec Early Availability release. We are now adding support for the new Quebec plugins, so that changes on plugins on the Quebec release will be correctly assigned to their corresponding plugin.

As of this release our Upgradeability view will show out-of-the-box (OOTB) modifications which will cause skipped records in the upgrade to Quebec. And, we have updated the list of changes for Paris patch 5, so that any OOTB modifications for that patch will also be included in the view. 

Check out more on Upgradeability view page. 

  • Curious about what's ready to release? Check out our new Release management view with all the details on update sets and the issues they contain

Read more about our new view, how to use it and what it contains at Release management view page. 

  • Coding in Visual Studio Code? We now integrate it with Quality Gates

Prevent technical debt from creeping into your platform. Set up a Quality Gate and work against it from your editor. 

See more on working with issues from Quality Gates from the VSC.

  • We're adding 3 new rules for checking your system properties, and one new High severity rule for your business rules

These rules are ignored by default. To include them in your baseline ruleset, make sure you unignore them. 

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Last modified on Feb 17, 2021