Quality Clouds Release Notes

Release date: 14th April, 2021

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow

  • Should you upgrade to new ServiceNow version? We now make a recommendation

On the Upgradeability view, we now have a practical evaluation of your future upgrades issues. Here you can check all your code and other types of conflicts that could occur when upgrading. 

Read more about the Upgradeability view. 

  • Any progress yet? Easily check for Opened and Closed issues on a scan date

The Executive view now gives you a way to quickly check how many new issues were introduced in a given scan and how many were closed.

See more on the Executive view. 

  • We're introducing more rules for Performance and Manageability

These rules are ignored by default. To include them in your baseline ruleset, make sure you unignore them. 

Dot walking to sys_id rules

Usage of g_form.setValue on a reference field without displayValue rules

The "glide.login.autocomplete" System Property is set to true

DescriptionSeverityImpact area
The "glide.login.autocomplete" System Property is set to trueMediumSecurity

Scripts directly call to Java packages

DescriptionSeverityImpact area
Scripts directly call to Java packagesHighManageability

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Last modified on Apr 14, 2021