Quality Clouds for SecOps

Configure your clouds and code repositories - ServiceNow, Salesforce, Office 365 and Git - for automatic detection and reporting of security vulnerabilities. Quality Clouds for SecOps integrates with your Security Operations to detect and report security issues within the Vulnerability Response component. It creates Vulnerability Items (VIs), each of which is linked to the Common Weakness Enumeration standard library.

What you'll need

In order to use the Quality Clouds for SecOps you will need the following:

Installing the app

→ To install the app

  1. Once in your ServiceNow instance, go to Security Operations > Integration Configurations, and find the Quality Clouds app.
  2. Click Open Page. The ServiceNow store app page opens. 
  3. Click Get to request the app. 

Configuring the app

Once installed, take a few simple steps to define the instances you want monitored. For these instances, Quality Clouds will scan the code and configuration for security issues and create VIs.

You can monitor and report on the following SaaS platforms:

  • ServiceNow instances
  • Salesforce orgs and Git repos
  • Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint online sites and Git repos

→ To configure the app (TO BE CONFIRMED)

  1. In your ServiceNow instance, go to Quality Clouds for SecOps > Configure.
  2. Click the list of instances to select the instances you want to configure.
  3. Select all the instances, and click Confirm. 

A CMDB entry, i.e. Configuration Item (CI), is now created for each instance you've selected. 

Last modified on Jun 19, 2020