Quality Clouds Jenkins Plugin


The QualityClouds Jenkins plugin allows customers of Quality Clouds to integrate their Quality Clouds scans into their DevOps / Continuous Integration pipelines.

The plugin executes scans of ServiceNow or Salesforce instances, and can be configured to mark the build as failed if any of the following conditions occurs:

  1. The total number of issues exceeds a given threshold
  2. The total amount of hours of Technical Debt exceeds a given threshold
  3. The Quality of Cloud indicator is below a given threshold
  4. The total number of high severity issues exceeds a given threshold

Installation and configuration

Install the plugin

The plugin is available on the standard Jenkins Plugin Repository (https://plugins.jenkins.io/qualityclouds). It is available for Jenkins versions 2.138.1 and above.

If for any reason you can not access the standard Jenkins plugin repository, you can request the hpi file from help @ qualityclouds.com, and install the plugin manually.

Create the API Credentials secret file

You will need to add the Quality Clouds API key to the Jenkins Credentials. This key will be made available to you once you complete your onboarding process as a Quality Clouds customer. The key needs to be stored as a "Secret File" cedential in Jenkins. This credential may be in the default Global domain, or if you prefer to define a specific domain for Quality Clouds, it must be a domain using the "hostname" specification. The steps below show how to configure the credential in a Domain. If you are using the Global domain you can skip directly to Step 4.

Step 1.- Add a Domain

Step 2.- Enter the new domain information. The only requirement is that the specification must be of type "hostname", and the included hostname list must contain "qualityclouds.com". Leave the exclude list empty.

Step 3.- Add the credential to the Domain. 

Step 4.- Configure the Credential. The Kind must be: Secret File. Upload the API key on a file to the credential, where it will be securely stored. 

Configure the plugin

Once the credential has been created, create a new Freestyle project. Add a build step of type "Quality Clouds Instance Scan"

On the step configuration, the Credential you created in the above step should be displayed. Enter your SaaS instance URL (either ServiceNow or Salesforce), and the rest of the parameters which will define the conditions to fail the build.

Important: The Instance URL must match the URL you used when you defined your instance on the Quality Clouds web site.

View Build Results

Once the build completes successfully, you will be able to examine the main Quality Clouds indicators for the scan via the ScanResult link. If the build fails, the link will highlight the reason why the build was failed.