Quality Clouds ServiceNow Store application

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow allows you to govern and monitor quality of your ServiceNow instances with the data generated by Quality Clouds' analysis engine. 

With the app installed, you are also warned whenever you open an out-of-the-box element and are about to modify it, which can impact the overall instance upgradeability. 

Installing your Quality Clouds ServiceNow app

→ To download the app

  1. Go to ServiceNow Store Quality Clouds app, and click Get

You should expect to receive the confirmation to download the app in the same day.

Upgrading your existing app version

  1. Go to ServiceNow Store Quality Clouds app, and click Get
  2. Install the latest Live Check update set.
  3. Verify the app works properly.

Configuring the Quality Clouds ServiceNow app

Set up OAuth integration with Quality Clouds

Before you can use the application, you need to establish trust between your ServiceNow instance and the Quality Clouds API server. This is done by obtaining an OAuth token, which is a one-time operation.

→ To obtain the OAuth token

Make sure that the Quality Clouds application is selected in the Application Picker.

  1. Enter the App Configuration menu under Quality Clouds (See screenshot below).

  2. Click the Get OAuth Token button to obtain a valid token and enable integration with Quality Clouds. A login form will pop up requesting your Quality Clouds credentials (make sure you have enabled pop-ups on your browser).

  3. Enter your credentials, and click OK.

Your token is created, and a confirmation message appears OAuth Refresh token is available and will expire at YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

When the token expires, simply repeat steps 1 to 4 to continue working with the Quality Clouds ServiceNow app.

You are now all set to use the Quality Clouds Services in your ServiceNow App.

 Enable or disable automated calls to the Quality Clouds API

As of application version 9.3.2 (released September 1st, 2022), it is possible to disable the automated calls which are made to the Quality Clouds API to detect Out of the Box modifications. These calls are made whenever a Configuration Element form is opened, and until now there was no way to disable them other than de-activating the Business Rules which implement them. Note that as of this version, de default value is "off", so if you are upgrading from an earlier version and want to keep seeing the Out of the Box modification warning, you should activate this checkbox. 

Enable or disable Debug Mode

As of application version 9.5 (released February 8th, 2023), it is possible to enable or disable the "Debug Mode" checkbox. It enables debug-level messages from code in the Quality Clouds application in the system log. It may be left unchecked unless there is a special need to debug some issue with the app.

Configure the management of issues

Setup how you want to manage the issues detected by a scan. You can create incidents, defects or stories from the issues. For defect and story creation you need to have  ServiceNow® Agile Development application.

→ To configure issue management

  1. In the Issue Lifecycle, select the options you need to manage your issues:
  2. Click Update to save the configuration. 

Configure the Live Check

Live Check is an add-on feature which allows developers to validate their code as they are writing it. See our solutions and pricing section to know more. 

→ To configure Live Check

Select the options you want to apply for your Live Check on the Only for Live Check Users tab:

  • Mandatory API Keys

Choose this option if you want to make sure each one of your developers is connecting and running Live Checks securely using their individual API keys. 

  • Synchronous Live Check

This will change the behavior of the Live Check from synchronous (the default) to asynchronous. Asynchronous option is preferred if you have a long file to check, and the process takes too long. You will need to refresh your page to view the results. 

  • Enforced Live Check Validation

This will make running the Live Check mandatory. The check is executed with the insert or update actions. The check also runs synchronously if this option is checked.

  • Allow ServiceNow Admin

This makes Live Check functionality visible for all the ServiceNow admins. We recommend you enable this setting in any pre-production environment, and disable it in any production environment. By default, this option is disabled. 

You can have a version of the Quality Clouds app installed in production, so that after you have cloned it to any pre-production environment, you won't need to re-install it. In this case, you should keep the Allow ServiceNow Admin disabled. 

Add API keys for users

You can now control the Live Check usage within your developer teams by adding API keys for each developer. This helps you get visibility and control over the access to Live Check functionality, and you can monitor its usage across instance developers.

This is a Quality Clouds admin action, available for admin users only. 

→ To add an API key for a developer

  1. In the Quality Clouds app, go to API Keys
  2. Click New
  3. Look for and select the developer you want to assign the key to. 
  4. Click Get API Key

You have now granted the developer an API key. 

If you have to disable a developer from using Live Check, choose to Revoke the key instead of deleting it. 

Uninstalling the Quality Clouds ServiceNow app

If no longer needed, you can uninstall the Quality Clouds ServiceNow app.

→ To uninstall

  1. Follow ServiceNow instructions on how to Uninstall an application.
  2. Remove all the update sets by going to Local Update Sets, selecting each update set (configuration update set, Live Check update set, etc.), and clicking Back out
  3. If you've connected your instance using a dedicated admin user, delete or lock out the user.

Last modified on Jul 7, 2023