Quality of Cloud indicator

Quality of Cloud indicator - what is it and how do we measure it?

Quality Clouds comes with a predefined KPI (Key Performance Indicator) called 'Quality of Cloud' which provides an indication of the overall health of your instance or org. The KPI can be accessed in the Home dashboard as well in some other ones. 

Quality of Cloud indicator

The 'Quality of Cloud' is calculated in the following way

  1. We assign 100% of the quality at the start to each new instance added
  2. We then subtract different % value based on the number of issues and their severity found in each scan. The % value comes from our experience in ServiceNow and Salesforce implementation projects 

Impacting your 'Quality of Cloud' is also the number of SaaS releases and patches previous to the last one published by Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Healthy instances are ranged between 80% and 100%. Instances with a range between 70% and 80% need a close monitoring about further developments.

A percentage below the 70% figure means that the cloud needs remediation work.

Last modified on Oct 24, 2019