Release management

This view shows you the details on the state of your update sets readiness for release.

Ways to use this view

  • If you're a release manager or platform owner, here you can check which update set is ready to be completed and  transferred between your instances in order to move customizations from development, through testing, and into production.

What data is shown

The Release management view shows the following information:

Release history grid

This grid shows you the history of all your update set checks for the selected instance. The following information can be found for each check:

  • Scan date - showing the date that the check was run on
  • Update Set ID - showing the unique update set ID
  • User - showing the user who run the check
  • CEs - showing the total number of configuration elements included in the update set
  • Issues - showing the total number of issues found on the CEs included in the update set
  • Quality Gate - showing the result of Quality Gate set at the instance
  • Quality Gate result message - showing the specific details about Quality Gates

Update set check details

For each update set check you can see the following detailed information included in the nested section:

  • Number of issues and its trend
  • Configuration elements  and its trend
  • Related issues list, that includes:
    • Issue type
    • Line
    • Impact area
    • Updated by
    • CE name
    • Updated on
    • Severity
    • Link to docs

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Last modified on Feb 16, 2021