Rules and rulesets


Rules are Quality Clouds definitions of best practice which contains the resulting issue severity, the area it is impacting, associated technical debt and the remediation. 

Best practices are standards to follow for optimal platform quality.

The rules for quality checks in Quality Clouds are based on the following best practices:

Compliance or its lack impacts several areas such as security, performance or reliability differently, depending on the recommendation. 

You can find the information on rules - such as rule ID, impact area, severity, impact and remediation and time to fix - in our All rules section.


Rulesets are sets of rules that are applied to a platform scan. You can manage and customize your rulesets from the Rulesets section in the portal.

Ruleset types

The following ruleset types are now available:

Baseline rulesets

Set of default best practices provided by Quality Clouds. The main quality metrics are always calculated against the default ruleset, so that they can serve us as a baseline.

This is especially useful when, for example, you run scans using different sets of customized best practices. In this case, comparing baseline values gives you a better view of the global quality trends.

Custom rulesets

Set of best practices defined by you, which ignores or overrides specific rules of the default set of best practices provided by Quality Clouds. The quality metrics obtained by applying this set of rules, are labeled as Custom Ruleset Metrics, and are displayed in a prominent place in the dashboards.

Last modified on Feb 23, 2021