SaaS governance in Quality Clouds

Governance dashboards display cross-platform results (ServiceNow, Salesforce and Office 365), both for quality and operational metrics. They are designed to show common KPIs affecting all your instances in a single view.

Quality Clouds governance dashboards are accessed under the SaaS Governance option of the Home page, and include the following dashboards:

Governance dashboard

Governance dashboard is a cross-platform general overview of the main quality metrics and operational alerts for ServiceNow, Salesforce and Office 365 instances.

It shows the following information:

  • Instance list with basic attributes and scan information
  • KPIs:
    • Quality of Cloud
    • Technical debt (hours
    • Issues
    • Operational Alerts

User Adoption dashboard

The user adoption dashboard gives you a quick insight of the usage level for each instance among your final users.

It includes the following metrics:

  • Active users vs. never logged users: You can compare how many of your allowed users are currently accessing the instance. In Office 365 instances, these metrics will be categorized per Service.
  • Login / Active users evolution: Timeline graph of the previous metrics 
  • Login Taxonomy: User login breakdown into different categories: Browser, Application, Department...

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