Scheduling scans

Use scan schedules to plan and automatically execute regular recurring or one-off scans.

This is a Quality Clouds admin action, available for admin users in the admin portal.

Your license comes with a limited number of scans. We recommend that you set your full scans every week or month, and your profiling scans every week.

Note: You can only set one schedule per each scan type, i.e. one profiling and one full scan schedule.

→ To schedule a scan

  • Login to the Quality Clouds Admin portal.
  • Go to Schedules section.
  • Click Add

  • New schedule window opens. 
  • Fill in the New schedule form.

  • Click Add

The default time zone of the Quality Clouds application is based on GMT+1 time. In order to schedule scans in your timezone, make sure you factor in the difference.

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Last modified on Jun 21, 2021