Scheduling scans

Use scan schedules to plan and automatically execute regular recurring or one-off scans.

Your license comes with a limited number of scans. We recommend that you set your full scans every week or month, and your profiling scans every week.

Note: You can only set one schedule per each scan type, i.e. one profiling and one full scan schedule.

→ To schedule a scan

  1. Login to the Quality Clouds portal.
  2. Go to Schedules section.
  3. Click Add
  4. Fill in the New schedule form, and click Add

    The default time zone of the Quality Clouds application is based on GMT+1 time. In order to schedule scans in your timezone, make sure you factor in the difference.

The new schedule is now added and is now in Inactive state. To activate the schedule and start the automatic scans, change its status to Active.