Script Request Authorization

This article is based on the ServiceNow support article. See the original article on the ServiceNow support site: ServiceNow HI: Script Request Authorization

Requires authorization for incoming script requests.  

Script Request Authorization
Property Nameglide.basicauth.required.scriptedprocessor
Configuration TypeSystem Properties (/
PurposeTo enforce script requests authorization.
Recommended ValueTrue
Default BehaviorSet to true
Revertible behaviorN/A
Role requiredSecurity_admin
Release VersionWinter 2010
Functional Impact

(Medium) This remediation would enforce the authentication in the form of Basic auth while script requests are being processed on the instance. If there are guest users currently accessing this data, they will be restricted, and customer will have to create a new account for the user who needs access to this content, if applicable.

Security Risk

High - Without appropriate authorization configured on the incoming Script requests, an unauthorized user can get access to sensitive content/data on the target instance.

WorkaroundNo alternate method available.

How to configure

  1. Navigate to /
  2. Search for the property.
  3. Assign the recommended value as shown in the screenshot > Click Update.

Last modified on Jun 29, 2020