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Quality Clouds helps you build better software quality in the cloud by letting you succeed.

Streamline your DevOps processes

Optimise your cloud investments by detecting potential development issues in real-time, giving developers valuable insight into their code.

  • Securely connect your instance - Connect your platform to Quality Clouds' non-invasive tool with no installation required. Quality Clouds only accesses code and configurations, not data tables.

  • Launch the analysis - Execute a scan in a matter of minutes through a trustworthy analytical configuration exploration via API. As data refreshing times may vary, the scan end-results will appear in the dashboards within an hour's time.

  • Analyse - Get actionable data in a MIS style dashboard that helps managers make decisions. 

  • Fix the code - Code lines are highlighted with a link to the best practice to make the correction easier.

Govern your software developments for ServiceNow and Salesforce

It helps you with the following tasks:

  • Spotting errors in code - Code is analyzed to detect where best practices have not been followed. The affected line of code is highlighted with a link to the best practice.
  • On demand analysis - Scans can be scheduled as often as you need. Notifications are sent to your smartphone with a global and health KPIs.

  • Intuitive user-friendly dashboard - Dashboards display the latest information in an easy way for IT Managers and Developers.


The objective of the Quality Clouds software product is to provide you with the KPIs needed to control development and avoid technical debt in your organisation. Quality Clouds helps your organisation with the following:

  • Governance: The continuous monitoring of the proper implementation of your software in real time.

  • Quality assurance: The nature of your software with an evaluation based on code analytics and technical debts.

  • Security: Quality Clouds doesn't store a single line of code. Encryption is used for both data in transit and data at rest.

  • Saving on platform upgrades: Save up to 50% in platform upgrades. Avoid big efforts when performing platform upgrades by automating complex tasks.

  • Raising employee productivityHelp teams control and reduce technical debt on projects of all sizes.

  • Project baselines. Developers can monitor the state of an instance/org before, during, and after a project.


There is an array of product features that will be an asset to the health of your organisation:

  • User-friendly dashboards: Quality Clouds facilitates the end user experience through contextual engagement and step-by-step guidance.

  • Multiple instances comparison: A single display view with more than 1 instance to correlate.

  • Technical debt: KPI providing an estimate in hours of the development (cost) effort needed to solve the issues/violations detected in the platform. Click here for more information.

  • Quality of Cloud indicator: Health indicator evaluated from the number of issues, severity of those issues, technical debt and overall quality of the cloud. Click here for more information.

  • Export to Excel/PDF: Results of your issues can be exported into common formats PDF or CSV files.

  • History of scans: Traceability of scans and modifications over time.

  • Self-service: Scans can be scheduled or executed on demand.

  • API (access data & trigger scans): Export issues and data to your own repositories or connect to JIRA or other systems. Click here for more information.

  • Best practices: Recommended professional procedures that are prescribed to resolve the issue(s). This can be for Javascript, Apex rules etc. 

  • Bespoke rulesets: Ability to define your own ruleset to align your SaaS platform development to your own coding standards.

  • Severity issues: This verifies the portion of your critical data that is at a significant risk. Click here for more information.

  • Write-off issues: Ability to accept issues and hide them in the dashboards. Click here for more information.

  • Line of error in code: The number of lines of code analysed where best practices have not been followed.

  • Code creation and code change analysis: The quality is analysed in the following way:

    • Grade of adherence to best practices defined by the main SaaS provider at the time of new functionality implementation or when modifying functionality defined by the main platform

    • Grade of adherence to the best practices defined by the industry standards for the programming languages used in the platform (i.e. JavaScript, C# and Apex)

  • Development governance: Ability to identify trends in technical debt, number of issues, change rate, etc.

  • Out-of-the-box changes: Capability to understand the technical debt that is added into the platform by not following standard rules and best practices.

  • GDPR & data privacy issues: Personal Identifiable Information subject to the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU. Click here for more information.

  • Merging instances: When you're merging instances, Quality Clouds makes the process smoother and helps you visualize what's in each instance. 

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