Set up your QC Environment for ServiceNow

1. Set up your instance(s)

Once you have received valid credentials for the Quality Clouds Website, in order to launch your first scan you must first create a valid instance. To do so, enter the website and click the settings menu on the left navigation bar.

Here you can setup the instance(s) you want to scan. Click the add button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. 

From the Add ServiceNow Instance page, you must fill in the necessary attributes to add a URL. Depending on the type of target platform, the information you must provide will be different. 

Do not persist credentials

Set this flag ON if you do not want to persist the credentials in the Quality Clouds environment. If you activate this option, a popup form will appear when launching a scan and you will have to provide the credentials manually. In this mode, all scans must be interactive (only manual scans allowed, no schedule can be completed).


URL of the ServiceNow instance. It must have the following format:


No other paths or parameters must be added to the url. If your ServiceNow instance uses SSO or any other external authentication method, make sure that the account you provide has local authentication in ServiceNow (does not need to be authenticated by external providers) and is able to use the REST API.


A short and meaningful description of the instance. For example: COMPANY_PROD

Username, Password

ServiceNow access credentials to the instance.


Environment type of the instance.

Go Live Date

Date on which the instance was first started, serves as a baseline for Org changes.


ServiceNow production (PROD) instances are subject to an extra check: Debugging properties enabled in production environments.

2. Perform a scan test

Once a new instance is created a test check should be performed to find out any possible connectivity issues before launching a scan. To do so just use the icon.

3. Launch the scan

Scans are launched either manually or scheduled to be launched automatically, depending on your licensing plan. If your account allows manual scans, you can launch them using the launch scan icon on the top of the left sidebar and the Scan Launch form will popup. Click on the launch icon next to the instance you want to scan, and that's it!