Setting up Office 365 instance

Configure your Office 365 instance so that it can be scanned by Quality Clouds. With this step you ensure that you are in control of the data which Quality Clouds accesses in your instance.

You can use that procedure to also connect Dynamic CRM environments. Follow the extra steps as outlined below. 

Make sure you have your Azure administrator login credentials. 

Step 1: Create a new App registration

Quality Clouds connects to Office 365 instances through an app registration, which needs to be defined in your Azure Active Directory.

→ To create a new App Registration

  1. Log into the Microsoft Azure administration console at

  2. Go to Azure Active Directory > App registrations > New registration

  3. Fill in the Register an application form, and choose Accounts in this organizational directory only for the Supported Account Types

  4. Go to the API permissions > Add a permission, and assign the following API permissions (of the type Application permissions):

    • Microsoft Graph

      • AuditLog.Read.All

      • Directory.Read.All

      • Files.Read.All

      • Groups.Read-All

      • Reports.Read.All

      • Sites.Read.All

      • User.Read.All

  5. (Optionally, if you're setting up Dynamics CRM), add the following API permission (of the type Application permissions): 

    • Dynamics CRM:  user_impersonation

All of these are read-only permissions, and Quality Clouds will not modify the data in your Office 365 instance.

Step 1a (only for Dynamics CRM): Create an application user in Dynamics

Create an application user in the Power Platform admin center. 

→ To create an application user in Dynamics

  1. Log in to the Power Platform admin center at
  2. Go to Environments and select the Dynamics environment you want to create the user for.
  3. Go to Settings > Resources > All legacy settings. This opens up your Dynamics settings. 
  4. Click Settings > Security This opens up your Security setting screen. 
  5. Choose Users, and switch from Enabled users to Application users
  6. Click Add, and fill in the New user form. 
  7. Once created, note down the new user Client ID which will be used later in the Setting up Quality Clouds environment for Office 365.

Step 2: Generate and note down the client secret

In order to configure the O365 environment in Quality Clouds, you need an authentication token (API secret) with the following attributes of the newly registered app:

  • Application (client) ID
  • Directory (tenant) ID 

→ To obtain the authentication token (API secret)

  1. In the Microsoft Azure administration console at, go to Azure Active Directory > App registrations > (choose your newly registered Quality Clouds app).
  2. Go to Certificates & secrets > New Client Secret. A new secret is generated. Once created, the secret cannot be recovered. You can always generate a new one, if necessary. 
  3. Note down the generated Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID to use in the setup of your O365 environment in Quality Clouds.

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Last modified on Nov 29, 2022