Quality Clouds for Salesforce AppExchange

The Quality Clouds for Salesforce application allows direct integration between your Salesforce Orgs and the Quality Clouds API server. This allows you to retrieve the Org configurations you have defined in Quality Clouds, and to launch scans against them.

Installing Quality Clouds for Salesforce

The application is currently being certified for delivery via the Salesforce AppExchange. While this is ongoing, please send an email to help@qualityclouds.com to receive a direct link to install the application.

→ To install the app

  1. Follow the installation instructions. 

Configuring Quality Clouds for Salesforce

→ To configure the app

  1. Open the app:
    • For Lightning Experience, follow the steps:
      1. click the App Launcher icon
      2. Type in Quality Clouds in the search box.
      3. Select Quality Clouds from All Items. A new tab opens.
    • For Salesforce Classic, follow the steps: 

      1. Click the + sign next to the App Launcher.
      2. Select the Quality Clouds app.
  1. Click Go to Settings to enter your Quality Clouds credentials and obtain an OAuth token to use the Quality Clouds API. The Settings screen opens. 
  2. Enter the Quality Clouds portal user and password.
  3. Click Get Token. This obtains an OAuth token from Quality Clouds, whose expiration date is displayed on the OAuth Status section. 

Your app is now installed and configured. 

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