Setting up Quality Clouds environment for Office 365

Before performing these steps, make sure you have the following information:

1. Set up your instances

In order to be able to scan your instances, you need to point Quality Clouds to them.

→ To create an instance in Quality Clouds

  1. Login to the Quality Clouds portal at
  2. Go to Instances section.
  3. Select the O365 tab (if you use several SaaS with Quality Clouds).
  4. Click + New instance.
  5. Fill in the Instances form using the authentication token created for your instance in Microsoft Azure portal, and your Git credentials. 
  6. Click Save

2. Launch the first scan

Scans are launched either manually or scheduled to be launched automatically, depending on your licensing plan. If your account allows manual scans, you can launch them using the launch scan icon on the top of the left sidebar and the Scan Launch form will popup. Click on the launch icon next to the instance you want to scan, to start the scanning process.